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Gays Are Wearing Red Tomorrow … But Why?

Gay Issues/Rights

Gays Are Wearing Red Tomorrow … But Why?

March 26th launches the start of the Supreme Court case to FINALLY decide for God’s sake – or, maybe the Devil’s – if America will overturn Prop 8. You know, the California law that banned same-sex marriage in the state after they passed it the first time and allowed 18,000 people to get married. But, the Mormon church changed their mind and demanded all of their members give these HUUUUGE donations to have it overturned, even threatening loss of salvation to get members to write checks. If you haven’t seen the film ‘8: The Mormon Proposition’ click here to get your everlasting ‘fuck the separation of church and state‘ life.

Anywho, the final decision of this Supreme Court case will change America forever. So, won’t you please wear red and support love for EVERY body?

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