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Gays Facing Rise in Anal Cancer, Urged to Seek HPV Vaccine

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Gays Facing Rise in Anal Cancer, Urged to Seek HPV Vaccine

The butt hole just isn’t safe these days!

Australia introduced their young men and women to a genital “human papillomavirus” vaccine called Gardisil in 2004 and Britain soon followed with a campaign for young women  in 2008. But, due to finding a  1% to 3% annual increase of anal cancer in men who have sex with men, the British Medical Association is now asking their country’s Minister for Health to vaccinate young, gay men as well.

The proposed HPV vaccination will protect from the two most common strains of the virus which can cause cervical and anal cancer.

In America, the latest Center for Disease Control “HPV & Men Fact Sheet” states there’s more than 40 different strands of HPV. Gay men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer from it with approximately 7,500 men being diagnosed with HPV-related cancers every year.

Should the U.S. be issuing a HPV vaccine?

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