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Gays get 'Respect For Marriage Act' Education.


Gays get 'Respect For Marriage Act' Education.

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The DOMA Repeal is more important than we actually know. Last week The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the proposed ‘Respect for Marriage Act‘ which now moves to the Republican-led senate for a vote. The American Foundation of Equal Rights put together this video ‘Marriage News Watch’ where Matt tells us, “You’re married over here. You’re not over there. You have to fill out 4 different sets of taxes, The YMCA can tell that you’re married but the IRS can’t?! This is why full Federal marriage equality is the only solution.”

After seeing many beautiful same-sex nuptials and hearing tragic stories our government denouncing benefits to same sex lovers, we need this more than ever. “The Supreme Court has 14 times that marriage is a fundamental American Freedom,” Matt says and the end of the video. “And soon, we’re going to make that 15 times.”

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