Gays Will Gag At Willam Belli's New Single!!

Grindr recently asked the gays to name their favorite song of the summer expecting it to be Carlie Rae’s “Call Me Maybe.” But surprisingly a song by the Scissor Sisters called “Let’s Have A Ki Ki” snatched the crown.

Down on her luck from a horrible night in NYC, a depressed queen calls her homegirl up for a tea spilling session about what went down.

Now, get into thisĀ Willam Belli remix! #excited

Willam is pressed from her unpleasing sex session with trade. So, she calls up her fellow drag queen and decides to kai kai with her for round two.

Sidebar: Kai Kai, for you slow hoes and nosy straight people, is when two drag queens have sex.

Get into it:


Buy ‘Let’s Have A Kai Kai’ by clicking RIGHT HERE to go to iTunes. Support the girl. She always brings the jams!

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Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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