Gays, Would You Get Injected Every Three Months for 100% HIV Prevention?


We’re supposed to be excited about the gay once a day pill Truvada. Studies show if you miss doses often, which I know I am personally liable to do, the daily “vitamin” as I call it becomes less effective as protection.

But what if you could go to the doctor every three months to get an injection and prevent becoming HIV positive?

“Monkeys were injected with the drugs in two separate trials, with protection lasting a month. However, research suggests that such an injection could last for up to three months, reports the New York Times.”

“The treatment would be of greatest benefit to serodiscordant couples — where one person is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative.”

“Dr Wafaa El-Sadr, an AIDS expert at Colombia, tells the Times that a preliminary human trial is set to start later this year. A larger trial that could lead to widespread usage is still a number of years away.”

Would you take the injection?

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