Giving Head Gives You Dry Mouth? Here’s 5 Tips to Cure That Sh*t

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I’m too classy to admit this post was spawned from my own personal struggles. So, I’ll just claim it’s “for research purposes“. *giggles*

1. Deep throat and hold it for a second or two.

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A gagging type reflex causes salivation. Don’t worry. You can overcome the gagging feeling with practice.

2. Increase your daily water intake.

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No E.J.! Water girl! Dr. Oz recommends 3 liters a day.

3. Breath through your nose for 2-3 minutes before your performance.

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You’re about to have your mouth open for the next 10-15 minutes. Think of it as a singer on vocal rest before a big concert. Plus, it’s a WebMD recommendation so you know it’s real!

4. Add lube in the mix, possibly flavored.

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It sounded gross to me, too. But, according to The Date Report if it tastes good you’re more likely to do a better job. Emily from Yahoo! Answers says her favorite flavor is strawberry.

5. Pop a piece of candy or a mint in your mouth.

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“He’ll love it if you play around with it in your mouth while you’re down on him. Just don’t choke!” tiffy0605 via Answerology

Do you have any tips you recommend?
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