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HILARIOUS: This Beyonce Fan Explains Why Her Concert Tickets Are Worth $1,600


HILARIOUS: This Beyonce Fan Explains Why Her Concert Tickets Are Worth $1,600

“Don’t get mad because she thinks she’s worth more than your little minimum wage pay check honey!”

In 5 minutes YouTuber Adrian Xpression reads you lessor girls from sea to shining sea about his fave and why she is worth the prices for her joint ‘On the Run Tour‘ with hubby Jay-Z.

“When I look to my right and I see Barbra Streisand is charging people $1,500 plus $75 processing fee for a ticket, then I look to my left and I see classic rock bands charging people $600 for one ticket, I don’t see why y’all are pressed about Beyonce charging you hoes $200+.”

Have you seen the Forbes report saying the joint tour tickets are 44% higher in cost than when the couple tours separately?

With an average ticket price of $342.67 on the secondary market, tickets for Jay-Z & Beyoncé: On the Run are 90.16% higher than prices for Jay-Z’s solo Magna Carta tour last fall, when Jay-Z tickets were $180.20 on average. They are also 16.55% higher than tickets for Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter Show world tour from last year, when Beyoncé tickets were priced at $294.01 on average.

Jay-Z has toured with industry giants including Eminem and Justin Timberlake, but neither has been as big of a draw as his wife. When Jay-Z toured with Eminem, tickets averaged $279.50, which is 16.55% below the current rate for Jay-Z and Beyoncé tickets. When Jay-Z toured with Justin Timberlake, tickets averaged $187.98, or 82.29% below the current rate to see music’s ultimate power couple in concert.

All in all, Adrian feels Beyonce should charge what she’s worth. Do you agree with his opinion? Watch below.

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