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HILARIOUS: Laila Ali Says Kimye's Baby Name is "Stupid, Period!"

...And These Bitches Will Deal!

HILARIOUS: Laila Ali Says Kimye's Baby Name is "Stupid, Period!"

The retired boxer better warm up her calves and deltoids if she thinks Kanye West is going to let this slide. In a recent interview with Hip Hollywood Laila Ali was asked what she thought of Kim Kardashian‘s new baby’s name.

“You have to think about the child, as they get older and what they have to deal with. A lot of people do things because it’s a fad and they want to get some attention. But this is your child,” Laila says. “If it’s crazy but cool and nice and it makes sense, that’s one thing. But North and South and Leaf and Water Drop? Come on now. I don’t care who you are that’s just stupid, period.”

Another celebrity gave surprisingly had a say on baby North. Click play and see what they had to say.

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