HIV+ Guys with Undetectable Viral Loads Can’t Give You The Virus


How they got these results will AMAZE you!

A study titled “The PARTNER study” – presented at the Conferences on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections this week – practically confirms that if you take your medicine right and your doctors tell you the virus is in hiding, you will not give HIV to your sex partner(s).

Alison Rodger was asked while presenting the study’s initial findings what’s the chance of someone with an undetectable viral load giving their HIV negative partner the disease. She responded, “Our best estimate is it’s zero.”

The two year study logged 16,400 sexual encounters of all kinds – vaginal, anal, oral, etc – with semen fluids on and inside the HIV negative partner. No one was infected by their HIV positive partner. Now, a couple of floozies who had sex outside of their relationship did become HIV positive. Researchers studied the HIV strands and determined it was not from their relationship partner.

“The PARTNER study” is expected to continue for a few more years with full results in 2017.

Does this change how you feel about dating someone who is HIV positive?

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  • Ferreli
    8 Mar 2014 | Permalink | Reply

    I don’t think it is safe to be silly just because some scientists tell you so. As much as we know about the virus, people still need to protect themselves and understand that no one can really predict what can actually happen. 16K is not enough for me to barely trust this entire concept.

    I think things like this reinforce the idea that we don’t want to take personal responsibility for our health. We want everything easy….

  • 8 Mar 2014 | Permalink | Reply

    I understand the idea that ideas like this make people take the severity of HIV more seriously…but I do think it’s fascinating if this is the case. People do need to take care, but being seriously straight up… I think if poz people knew this would mean we could phase out the disease and they could have raw sex again freely so long as they are taking their meds, WAY more people would probably make better attempts to ensure they continue taking their meds more carefully.

  • Name*
    24 May 2016 | Permalink | Reply

    Your life depends upon your own actions and your decisions! I would not be so careless as to believe this report and risk becoming infected with HIV! All the FDA wants to do is to sell Drugs. Rather to be SAFE than SORRY. Use CONDOMS.

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