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INTERVIEW: Style McFly of ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ Speaks on Socialite Status, Church Life & More

Gentlemen of New Jersey

INTERVIEW: Style McFly of ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ Speaks on Socialite Status, Church Life & More


Gay web series ‘Gentlemen of New Jersey’ has exposed fake friends, the crafting scene, and made New Jersey seem like the ultimate destination for shade. In my e-mail interview with Terrence Morrison he tells his side of things with Julius McFly and how he was blindsided by Isaam’s ungenuine description of their friendship.

Terrence, it’s obvious that you are the break out star on ‘Gentleman of New Jersey’. How do you prepare for your scenes and interview tapings?

Before we start I would like to thank u for supporting the show and taking this time out to interview with me. Now it’s funny that you referred to me as the “breakout star ” since the show aired I’ve been hearing that a lot . I’ve always thought of myself as a star so I guess it came naturally … But to answer your question I prepared myself by being myself. I said I would go into this project and be 100% real (unlike some giggles ) I let my wall down and let people see me for who I really am , no acting but the real Terrence. Yes I was a little “turned up” but I was honest throughout this whole season . You have to have thick skin to do this cause people with break you down cause I’m ready to share my story with people.

On the show you speak about how your father feels about you being gay and that you planned to talk to him. How is your relationship with him now?

I wanted to talk about my relationship with my father because I know a lot of gay men can relate to such a sensitive subject like this. Let me clear some things up. My father and I have never talked directly about me being gay. I have always wanted to share that part of me with him but I was scared. My father has always had presence in my life. He provided, took me on trips etc., but I was confused and challenged when I would go around him because we have different religious beliefs. My father is Muslim and I am Christian.

I was raised in the church, sang in the choir, ushered, all that (Yes, I was a church queen) LOL joking . But, on a serious note, as a kid I didn’t understand the differences between the two religions. One week I would be praying to God, and the following week I would be with him making salat. When I was a kid, my father would always try to “rough” me up, force me to play football, and sometimes even verbally abuse me. So I strayed away from him as I got older. Since I had my mom and nana who accepted me for me, I never really thought about a relationship with him. Now that I’m almost 32 and recently lost my grandfather (his dad), I realized that life is too short and I need to have a relationship with him. We’ve exchanged text messages a few times recently so I will set up a lunch date soon to get these things off my chest!

Julius McFly had a lot to say about you this season about you not being a good friend, not supporting him during his jail time, etc. What’s your response?
julius-style-mcflyThe question that everyone is waiting for me to respond to is “what’s up with my friendship with Julius?” Well I will start off by saying I’m not here to throw shade or to bash Julius. I will be 100% truthful. Julius and I used to be two peas in a pod. We never had fights or arguments. There would be slight shade here and there but nothing disrespectful. Julius going to jail really hurt me and I was very disappointed in him.

I knew what he was doing prior to him getting locked up. I was the one everyday telling him not to do it. I told him it wasn’t a good look and if he was to get caught he would GAGG and guess what he GAGG’D . I’ll take u guys back a little before Julius got locked up. Julius always fantasized about designer goods but never was the one who wore them often. (This isn’t a read.) I just want you guys to see some things from my perspective. One thing about me is I’m a shopaholic and during the course of our friendship, I always got new things.

When I would come around Julius, he would always ask, “Why you buy that? You don’t need this. I thought you said you weren’t shopping anymore? Etc.” I would always just pay it. This takes me back to why him and an old friend of ours aren’t friends anymore because Julius would always count his pockets and inquire about the things he got. He started to do the same exact things with me. Again I didn’t want to think he was envious of me because at the end of the day he was my friend and it’s only materialistic things. It wasn’t that serious to me. So now Julius is running the streets with this guy “working ” as he would call it, cashing fake checks and now he’s able to purchase a few pair of sneakers . He started to change got a lil’ body , a few pieces, now people are noticing him (these are words out of his mouth ) I paid it. I kept doing me and hanging with my other set of friends and I let him do him. Within in a month or two of Julius crafting, I saw a new person and it was weird. Still I’m telling him to stop but he didn’t want to listen to me. He’s fab now in his eyes! Once I found out Julius was in jail, as I stated before I was hurt and sad but I felt like he did it to himself. Now Julius got people thinking I wasn’t there for him. I wrote Julius many letters, sent money orders when I had extra money to spare. And, I also went to visit him which he failed to mention. This is why I washed my hands with this situation because I was there for him in the ways I felt necessary. No, I didn’t send him money every week because I have an obligation of my own to take care of. It comes off that he’s selfish and unappreciative about what I did do for him. That’s the issue I have. No shade no tea but his mother, family or other friends didn’t do anything but I’m the only one getting ridiculed. I’m not the one who put him behind bars. Now since we’re on this topic of Julius, I have a few more things to say. Julius never helped me financially. There is a scene with him saying that he helped me when I was unemployed. At that time of what he’s talking about I did lose my job but I did have money saved and I had family to help me when I needed. Julius have y’all thinking like he paid a bill or two for me that’s not the case… maybe a drink or two out in the club on a off week after my BILLS were PAID but nothing major. I needed to clear that up!! When I decided to start hosting parties. Julius was bartending and couldn’t make any of my events which I understood. The Mcfly Movement was intended for us to offer something new on the gay scene, which I wanted my whole crew involved not just him and I!

And that was the vision I had. So yes if I’m the one hosting the parties, branding the movement, I would think that I’m the leader. No Shade. So when I decided to throw my first big party with my business partner we had a meeting to discuss if we were doing this with him and I or with my friends, he said it was up to me.

So me being a good friend I tried to bring everyone on. I talked to Julius about this and he didn’t seem too thrilled so I went on to plan the party. Subsequently, my first party had nothing to do with Mcfly Movement. It was Stylemcfly and Jay The Great. To be honest Julius posted the flyer on his social media outlets a few times but he didn’t do any promotions for us at all. And, for the record, all my best friends paid to get in and brought bottles to contribute their support to my business. Julius was the only one with the issues. Since then, Julius and I haven’t spoken in over two months. It was a lot of shade thrown through on both of our social media outlets and I’m actually ready to move forward. I’m open to a face to face conversation to hash out our differences. But I doubt things will be the same again.

Toast to the haters !!!

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In the words of Kenya Moore, ‘Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living.’ Which one are you?

This question is so funny to me since some of these Gentlemen think I’m living beyond my means and can’t afford to live the life I choose to live. First off I’ve been working since I was 15 years old so I always had legal income. I like nice things and was taught that I should work hard to get the things I want. I will say that I’m very spoiled so growing up I was accustomed to nice things. I’m actually confused as to why my income is other people’s storyline.

I will say this, I’ve always had good jobs.

Right after high school, I worked in pharmaceutical sales so I made making a lot of money without the stress of bills. So I would spend my money like I was rich. Nice dinners, trips and designer clothes were the norm for me. If I wanted it I got it whether it was from family or a lover or from working hard my damn self. Currently I work in my passion and that’s fashion. So it’s funny to hear people say I can’t afford to do the things I do. All of my bills are paid. Someone who’s living outside their means will spend your whole earnings on something and be looking stupid with an eviction letter on their door. That’s not me No SHADE. I don’t shop every day of the year. I do treat myself to nice things and fine dining without any hesitation. I believe I deserve it. I worked hard for it. I make good money (as Julius said in one scene but in another say I wear clothes I can’t afford). You only live once and should be able to enjoy the finer things in life without anyone judging you for what you like. So no, I’m not living outside my means. I’m a hardworking man that’s striving to be the best I can be and looking good while doing it!

Ibn has already made it clear that ‘your presence can be annoying’ and Isaam has said you two are ‘friendly, but could be closer’. Could you be friends with these two guys?

Ibn and I are cut from two different cloths! We will never be friends. What’s the point? I don’t need someone that is bitter and hateful around me. I only tolerated him because Julius wanted him in our circle when we all hung out a few summers ago. I never understood him. He always had so much to say about me. Yet he doesn’t know me from a can of paint but always was in my face when we were hitting the club. I guess he did because I was buying him drinks at the bar. You know what these girls give without coins. I felt sorry for the guy! At the age of 40 there’s so much you can be doing with your life besides discussing me. It’s funny to me how him and Julius are BFF’s now. One minute they’re fucking (excuse my mouth but I’m being real) and the next minute he’s telling me all his business and I mean ALL his business. But I giggle at girls like that! As far as Issam is concerned, I will honestly say I don’t have any real beef with him. No we aren’t besties but we’ve known each other for a very long time and I thought we were somewhat friends. I’ve supported all of his events I think he’s very talented and will offer the community a lot. There have been times we had personal conversations [and] shared personal thoughts with each other so to hear we’re just “friendly” was a surprise to me. But this is why I don’t trust these Gentlemen because they’re not being real.

What else can we expect from @StyleMcFly after #GONJ?

After GONJ I will be the same fun loving, fly Terrence. As I said before I’m Stylemcfly and you will see this face all over. I’m currently one of the founders of Social Life Entertainment. My vision is to just bring something fresh and different to the gay community. We design and offer upscale but comfortable Lux events. Not trying to step on anyone’s toes but it’s enough money out here for all of us to eat. I’m so so happy that my dreams are coming alive. I want to own my own club and I’m headed in the right direction. Jason and I have been working hard for a long time to build this brand. We now have a new founder and partner, Bajon, and he’s a great asset to the brand and I’m thankful to have both of them. Also I’m a brand ambassador for DR Takeover. I’m launching a limited edition lip balm. I want to do a swimwear line for men by Spring 2015. Also I want to do a campaign or a beauty pageant for the transgender community. I’m inspired by their courage and ability to travel this world with their head held high and not caring what society has to say about their choice in life. I really commend them. So as you see I have my hands full and I will execute everything I put my hands and heart to do. I will continue to walk up the ladder of success. Again I really appreciate all the love and support. This is a platform to show another side of me that most people don’t see! Love Terrence/Stylemcfly

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Facebook page: Terrence Morrison

Instagram: Stylemcfly

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