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Is Truvada the Gay Once A Day Pill or Nah?


Is Truvada the Gay Once A Day Pill or Nah?


I will keep asking this question until someone with a big voice yells to me yes or no. The people over at MUSED didn’t explicitly give me the answer I want. However, they do provide research and receipts so you can decide for yourself. With a 92% success rate at blocking the virus, I want to start thinking the answer is yes. — MUSED Magazine

Gays in Chicago can get married right now! One judge said same-sex couples in Illinois can’t get married until June 2014. But, another judge in Cook County (which includes Chicago) said what the hell are we waiting for? Read the details at QUEERTY.

President Obama released a “strongly-worded statement” about Uganda considering life in prison for being homosexual. — Rod 2.o

Jason Collins is signing to the Brooklyn Nets? Did Jay-Z and Beyonce have something to do with this? — Towerload

Why is Alyssa Edwards so hilarious? Watch her give a review of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6, aka The 6th Annual RuPaul Hunger Games.

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