Jack’d & Grindr Extra Profiles Being Bought by Local Health Departments?

t2They’ve got to reach their customer some kind of way! Or, are we going to cry foul with waste of government funds?

San Mateo County (in the San Francisco Bay Area) admits to spending $55/year on two Grindr Extra profiles plus money to buy fake profile photos to entice the locals. After Grindr users hit them up they expose themselves (figuratively LOL) as the health department and offer free sex health advice.

Darryl Lampkin, prevention supervisor for the STD/HIV program at the county’s health department, says about 80% of men continue to chat with health professionals about outreach services. He also reports a 500% increase in community outreach over 2 years and trend shows continuous growth.

Grindr isn’t too happy about San Mateo County’s two profiles, citing they do not encourage the use of fake profiles or solicitation. But of course, Lampkin says, “There are people who just go on there to chat. … That’s what we go on there to do.”

Plus, if two or three health professionals can save a whole city of people from bumps, viruses, and money on medication for about $100 annually isn’t that worth the money?

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Image via Tumblr