JUST DUMB: Mom Jailed after her baby laughed in the Library.

Donetta Foster, a mother in Decatur, Georgia, faces 1-year jail time over an event stemming from her son laughing in the library. The mother refused to leave after the librarian shut down Foster’s computer and ‘asked’ her to leave due to the baby laughing. Police were called and they felt the mother’s wrath, too. Foster says, “I wasn’t using profanity in an unarticulate, just rambling way as if to just curse out this officer. No.”

WTF? There’s an articulate way to do it? Oh, how I do wish there was audio of this! Anyway…babies laugh, cry, and every other emotion known to man as they discover themselves. Usually, the public understands that it’s just a baby. But, not for this librarian. No ma’am miss thing! Libraries will never be the same. Some people take these little 8-hour jobs WAYYY to serious.

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