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K. Michelle Responds to Eviction Notice from Atlanta Landlord

K. Michelle

K. Michelle Responds to Eviction Notice from Atlanta Landlord

On the season finale of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ we saw K. Michelle bid farewell to her Atlanta condo for an apt in the sky in New York City. Welp. Let her Atlanta landlord tell it she hasn’t paid rent for June nor July 2013 and he wants his dough plus court costs.

K. Michelle responded via Instagram saying she moved out of the apartment months ago:

BREAKING NEWS IN AMERICA: K. Michelle refuses to pay June/July rent on her Atlanta condo that she’s moved of for over 4 months. Shower not working, NO rent. Very simple. So TMZ, AJC, or whatever else blog that my landlord has running this story for money and attention my statements is as follows: 0 fucks given. Remember to buy my album ‘Rebellious Soul’ August 13

Maybe I’m too smart. But, given K. Michelle had to film her move out scene and submit it to Vh1 to be put into the show, I believe K. did move out some time ago. Plus, it doesnt’ help that the landlord of Kenya Moore from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ lost a lawsuit saying Kenya didn’t pay her rent either. What is it these days with landlords seeking fame?

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