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K. Michelle's Response to $50 Million Lawsuit: "I Look Forward To My Day In Court!"

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K. Michelle's Response to $50 Million Lawsuit: "I Look Forward To My Day In Court!"

Lord, Jesus! It’s a FIRE!

I reported earlier in the week that K. Michelle ex-boyfriend Mickey ‘Memphitz Wright  is suing Vh1 and Mona Scott-Young for giving K. a national window to defame his character on ‘Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta.’ He wants $1 per viewer of the show for each episode and the show charted at least 5 million viewers every week, not including the reunion. That’s an estimate of $50-$65 million!

K. Michelle’s response to that:

I’ve always been told that the truth shall set you free. I stand behind my story 100%. I came on the ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ show mainly because I wanted to give a voice and bring light to a very serious issue.

I am very grateful to VH1 and Monami Ent. for the opportunity to tell my story, and touch lives worldwide … I look forward to having my day in court and finally having the truth of my story confirmed in a court of law.

Hopefully others will not have to go through this and then have their stories challenged to this degree because people now want to try to salvage whatever reputation they may have had.

This is going to make some serious stuff for season 2 of the show!

Your Thoughts?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JustMe_Andria

    September 9, 2012 at 1:11 am

    Memphitz confuses the hell out of me. K. Michelle chose not to press charges and now he wants to sue for defamation? Why in the hell would he wait until after the season was over? And to put the cherry on top, he sues Mona Scott and Vh1? Man, I already know Mona and Vh1 have some of the best lawyers on their defense team. This case will probably be all over the blogs. I feel like this case may be more detrimental to his image; he can’t afford to look any worse than he does now. I was completely over this situation but I’m glad that they’re finally going to court.. Hearing actual facts as opposed to hearsay should be interesting.

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