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Kelly Rowland Readies R&B Return, Will You Be Buying It?

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Readies R&B Return, Will You Be Buying It?

Last year Kelly Rowland snatched a Grammy nomination for her lead single from ‘Here I Am‘ and was honored by Essence Magazine for her contributions to the music industry. A lot of people who still don’t own ‘Here I Am‘ said dance-heavy tracks like ‘Commander‘ and ‘Down for Whatever‘ went over their head.

Well, singer/songwriter/producer (and a few more slashes I don’t feel like including) Lonny Bereal confessed in an interview with Kempire Radio that he’s in the studio with Kelly and they’re working on “real R&B music” this time around.

Kelly is returning to real R&B music. She’s going in so hard with the R&B. Of course, she is going to give the Pop crowd what they’re looking for. But, she really is returning to R&B on this album.

She has been singing like …her voice is so pure. Her delivery is real confident now. It’s definitely a new Kelly Rowland. She wouldn’t even let me put autotune on her voice this time around. She was like “no, I want people to really get me.” She’s killing from the uptempos to the ballads.

I hope Lonny is able to produce some hits. Even though I’m no longer a hardcore Kelly stan due to her horrible promotion team – let’s pray that she fixes that with this album – the music has always been deelishus.

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