Kelly Rowland Shuts Down Destiny's Child Reunion Rumors

Ugh. Guess I’ll get my retraction statement together. 🙁

Last month I reported [read it HERE if you missed it] that Matthew Knowles big mouth self announced two new Destiny’s Child albums were coming and in a few years the girls are reuniting for a tour.

Welp. I lied.

In a new interview with MTV Kelly Rowland says:

“If [reuniting is] something that we would want to do, you know, [we would do it] but in the meantime we’re just enjoying each other’s friendship. That’s the greatest gift of Destiny’s Child.”

I should have known better anyway because a few years ago when rumors were running rampant Kelly said:

“Mathew Knowles is not a member of Destiny’s Child. With all due respect, that’s not a decision he can make. It would be amongst myself, Beyonce and Michelle.”

What’s your say? Should the girls reunite?

Props to Miss Jia for the quotes!

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