Kenya Moore Has A Sex Tape? [VIDEO]

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Is this a stunt or nah? Her co-star is not cute either!

After looking at my blog statistics and noticing people were finding from searching “Kenya Moore sex tape wordstar” I decided to Google it myself and found the following video.

[video link]

This teaser clip was uploaded January 9, 2010 to YouTube and the description reads, “WTF!!!…ACTRESS AND AUTHOR KENYA MOORE RELEASES A SEX TAPE TO PROMOTE HER NEW BOOK!!! ..WOW…The things people do nowadays to sell things.”

Turns out the book is called ‘Game, Get Some: What Women Really Want‘, a “quintessential and entertaining ‘How To’ guide” published in 2007. The synopsis says “Kenya broaches the topics of why she is still single. Simply put in her words, ‘men lack game’. She offers her advice in an easy conversational way on how to charm the pants off, pun intended, the most elusive of women.”

Was she trying to revive sales before the company stopped production? Hmm… only has three left in stock if you want to grab one! Click here to go there and buy. The sex tape themed promo proves┬áMiss Moore has been a certified stunt queen since before nudes even became an “it” thing to do.

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