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Kim Burrell's Emotional Whitney Houston Interview with CNN.


Kim Burrell's Emotional Whitney Houston Interview with CNN.

Kim Burrell talks to CNN about the lost of her friend Whitney Houston at the 54th Annual Grammy's.

The loss of Whitney Houston is still unreal to many of her fans. But her family and friends are publicly distraught, unable to cope with her unexpected death. Kim Burrell, Whitney Houston’s best friend, spoke to CNN on the red carpet of the Grammy’s last night and had this to say:

It was yesterday, I got to L.A. for this and she told me to call her when I got here. We were going to go to the Clive party last night. So, I called her I missed her. I was in baggage claim she called me and missed me and so she left a message at about 2 o’clock. I checked it and she said ‘Hey I don’t know where you are. Call be back…call me back.’ I had called back several times and of course I didn’t get an answer… because my friend had died. She was in great spirits as always and just left a message in a spirit that she would when she couldn’t reach me. That’s just the friendship we had.

Kim Burrell tells CNN she will be performing at Whitney Houston’s funeral. The family is still undecided if it will be a public ceremony. “I love her. She’s my sister,” Kim says moved to tears. “She will always be my sister and I love her dearly.”


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