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LAWSUIT: Gay Black Man Suing Aeropostale for Discrimination [VIDEO]

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LAWSUIT: Gay Black Man Suing Aeropostale for Discrimination [VIDEO]


Anthony Lofties tells WHBQ news a manager contacted him saying he was fired because Black gay men do not accurately represent their brand.

Seriously? First, the stunts of Abercrombie & Fitch owner saying fat people can’t wear his clothes… and now this?

Lofties says after filing a sexual harassment claim against a manager in 2012 at the Aeropostale location where he worked, the company did anything they could to get him fired. Aero eventually let him go for “mishandling” a $20 bill at the register.

“It was days I would cry going to work and then cry leaving work because I knew I was getting mistreated,” Lofties tells WHBQ.

Watch him speak below and decide if you will boycott the brand for mistreating our good Judy.

[video link]

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