LGBT STUDY ‘Dear White Gay Men’ Proves Black Mandingo & Thug Fetishes Are Still A Thing. Surprised?

All the stereotypes you figured we were outgrowing because you’re moving to Dallas or Charlotte and getting that cute lil’ job are still alive and well according to new research at UK-based FS: The Gay Health and Life Magazine.

-Black men have large cocks: 78% of white gay men in our survey believe this to be true.
-Asian men have smaller than average cocks: 75% believe this to be true.
-Latin men are crazy, wild and passionate: 70% of white gay men believe this to be true.
-Mixed race men are more likely to be accepted by white men: 67% believe this to be true.
-Black men are more active, strong and dominant in the bedroom: 60% of white gay men believe this to be true.
-Asian men are mostly submissive bottoms: 56% believe this to be true.
-Arab men aren’t gay if they’re top only: 35% thought this to be true.
-Latin men are mostly rent boys or in it for a passport: 10% of what gay men this is true.

“’How hung are you?’ I fucking hate that question. With a passion,” says Peter, 28. “As if there is nothing else to my being.”

“White men will often come up to me and tell me that they like black cock, I’m their fantasy fuck, and they have a strong desire to have my big black cock inside them,” says Andrew, 48. “This can be intimidating as they have no idea of the size of my cock. I feel like an object. The other line is they know all about me as their last boyfriend was Black.”

“Sometimes it is very clear that some guys just want to have sex with you for the experience of sleeping with a Black man,” explains Mickel, 30, “and a lot of the time you just become a fetish to white men. They have no intention of going out with you, they just want you for sex.”

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The 400 white men who responded to the survey said “Black men are more promiscuous than other ethnic groups” meanwhile research shows white men lie about their HIV results, half of them haven’t been tested in the last year, and Blacks are known to use condoms more often. But yeah…

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