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#LHHATL Shay Says Erica Never Pawned Scrappy's Ring + Drama @ Reunion Taping


#LHHATL Shay Says Erica Never Pawned Scrappy's Ring + Drama @ Reunion Taping

Basically- Erica cheated on Scrappy with a married man then aborted the baby. Shay only wants to talk to Erica to figure out Scrappy’s lies, and y’all can stop the rumors about their firing due to lack of drama. Mona Scott-Young is still cutting the check.

Did Shay Johnson just admit she’s scared of Erica Dixon? “She’s one of them call the police type chicks and I stay away from that. I ain’t going to jail,” she tells ‘The Breakfast Club’.

Shay also revealed at the reunion there was talk of Erica cheating on Scrappy with a married man, getting pregnant, and then aborting the child.

“[Erica] cheated on him first in the beginning of their relationship. And, then he started messing around. From what I’ve been told by Scrappy she always messed with raggedy, bum dudes.”

For 15 minutes Charlamagne and friends (who remembers those other two names) interrogate Shay about her relationship with Lil Scrappy and dealings with his baby mama. Get all the juicy details. Press play!

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