Men Last Longer in Mississippi and South Carolina According to PornHub

D.C. residents wanked less last year and overall search for “no foreplay” were up 626% per PornHub’s 2018 Year in Review data.

Interest in ‘trans’ (aka transgender) porn saw significant gains in 2018, in particular with a 167% increase in searches by men and more than 200% with visitors over the age of 45 (becoming the fifth most searched terms by those aged 45 to 64).
Not only did searches for ‘outdoor’ porn grow throughout 2018, but our statisticians also noted that the number of uploads tagged as being filmed outdoors nearly tripled.
Searches for ‘tattoos’ grew significantly throughout the year, mirroring their increased popularity reported among millennials and young professionals. Pornhub’s ‘Tattooed Women’ category grew in popularity by 88% compared to 2017.


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