Michelle Obama Stans Out Again: "I Love Beyonce To Death"

…and these bitches will DEAL!

First lady Michelle Obama already admitted to People Magazine if she could be anybody she would be The Queen. In another interview with Good Morning America Mrs. Obama makes it clear one more time who she stans for when asked about attending Beyonce’s concert at Revel Resorts this past weekend:

“Anybody’s got talent, I’m all for. But you know, Beyonce’ just has been a tremendous supporter of Let’s Move. Without asking, she reformulated ‘Move Your Body’ to do a flash mob for kids across this country… Beyonce stepped up in a way that so many of our celebrities and athletes are stepping up on behalf of this issue. So, I love her to death and was glad to be out there moving my body with her.”

Let’s Move is the fitness initiative organized by Michelle Obama to urge children to eat better and excercise. Watch the clip of Michelle speaking on Beyonce below:

Props to The Jasmine Brand for the video!

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