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Mo’Nique Says Homophobes Need to See Her New Movie, Wants Lee Daniels to Send Her More Scripts


Mo’Nique Says Homophobes Need to See Her New Movie, Wants Lee Daniels to Send Her More Scripts

‘Blackbird’ starring Isaiah Washington, Julian Walker and Mo’Nique hits theaters April 25th and it’s full steam ahead with promotion. In a new interview with Huffington Post Mo’ says it’s important for homophobic parents to see how they are treating their children in order for them to understand how they are treating their children, reveals what she did the night after winning her famous Oscar award, and says she still loves Lee Daniels.

Here’s a few notes from her lengthy interview:

This script, like “Precious,” is heavy on social issues. Was that part of what attracted you?
Definitely. It’s a story that we know very well. When we received that script from Isaiah Washington, we said, “It’s time.” To be able to be a part of something that could change people’s hearts and minds is an honor.

Your character struggles with her teenage son’s sexuality. Would there have been a breaking point where you might say you’d rather not depict such prejudices?
No, because it’s hard to see yourself until you see it elsewhere. There are those parents that still exist that don’t ever accept it. Sometimes you don’t see yourself and it takes you watching it to say, “Oh, my God, that’s me. Am I damaging my child like that? Am I letting my baby go to bed every night feeling like she’s unloved?” Sometimes we have to see it to understand, “Is that what it is that I’m doing?” So when you say, “Would I have still done it?” Yes! And I would have tried to do it to the best of my ability to say to those people, “Look! Look at what’s happening when you act this way.”

As a mother yourself, is it hard to step into abusive roles like these?
As a mother myself, and when [director Patrik-Ian Polk] says “action,” I want to make sure I give that mother her just due. Even with “Precious,” people were like, “Did you have to be deprogrammed?” It’s like, when Lee said “cut,” we were having a good time. It was only for that moment. When you know you’ve got to slap your child or spit on your child, it’s in that moment. You just do it.

Are you tired of answering questions about whether you were blackballed?
I think it’s a very important conversation that must be had. It is no different from this movie “Blackbird,” because you’re telling people, “Shhhh, be quiet, you don’t want to speak out loud, because people might think differently of you. People might treat you differently.” I will say this: If Sylvester, who I just think is one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived, had sat down and not been Sylvester, the world would never have seen that beautiful talent. When you say, “Am I tired of it?” By no means, because it has to be said. You have to ask yourself, “Do you walk around in fear? Or is it more fearful to be silent?”

After all of this, would you work with Lee Daniels again?
I could work with Lee Daniels tomorrow. I have no animosity toward my brother at all. I love that guy. I just can’t allow you to put things out there that could upset opportunities with things that you know aren’t true.

Do you have any regrets about your decisions before winning the Oscar, while giving your acceptance speech or what you did in regards to the Oscar after winning it?
You know, the only thing I would change is, the night that I won the Oscar, Sidney and I went to Uncle Andre’s BBQ. And I ate that barbecue before I went to bed. I went to bed with that barbecue on my chest and in my stomach, and, baby, I paid a price for that. The only thing I regret is when I ate that barbecue that night.

Was that your after-party?
That was our after-party. We went home to our baby. I’m a married woman with a family. And when my children say to me, “You’re the best mommy in the world,” amen. That’s the greatest trophy or award I could ever receive.

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