Morehouse Anounces It's 1st LGBT History Course… To Be Taught On Skype?

Morehouse President Dr. Robert M. Franklin told the world he was putting a stop to homophobia across the historic black college campus when he took office in 2009. And, I’ll say this is a major move for his legacy. Well, kind of.

According to student paper The Maroon Tiger “The History and Culture of Black LGBT” is now taking enrollment for next semester.

The idea came to fruition when [gay/straight alliance and student advocacy group SafeSpace] Special Project and Events Coordinator Marcus Lee partnered with Yale University professor Dr. Jafari S. Allen to pitch the project. Allen focuses on the intersections of queer sexuality, gender and blackness.  “He’s very interested in gender non-conformity among colored people, and I’m interested in that as well,” Lee said. Allen [will]  teach the class via Skype.

The course is expected to outline various key concepts in Black feminism and critical cultural theory and methodology. Described as “an interdisciplinary survey of Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) culture and politics” in the course’s syllabus, the class will serve as an in-depth look into critical, social and cultural theory that will vastly benefit the Morehouse community.

SafeSpace’s Public Relations Director Ja’Mal Lewis believes that this course will finally shine light on the LGBT figures that have been overlooked throughout history. “Many influential LGBT leaders have gone unrecorded due to their sexuality, and they made many of the movements that changed and shaped our history,” Lewis said.
Understanding the greatness of this course announcement is vital. The LGBT community made major strides this month.  First the black, gay male couple being featured in ‘JET’ Magazine newlyweds column and now this. However, I can’t say I condone the history of a people being only relevant enough to teach through an internet video service. I’m overjoyed yet discombobulated at the same damn time.
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