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MUST SEE! Basketball Wives Season 4 Trailer.

Basketball Wives

MUST SEE! Basketball Wives Season 4 Trailer.

Basketball Wives Season 4 Trailer_RONALDMATTERS

Evelyn’s handing out dome sandwiches, Tami doesn’t like the new girls, Suzie is still Suzie, and Royce, Royce, Royce… thank God they’ve finally upgraded her look. Season 4 of Basketball Wives is landing in your lap on Monday Feb. 20th. But until then, here’s a 5-minute preview of what’s to come.

Oh, and get your slogans/t-shirt ideas ready… there’s a LOT of quotables:

Kesha Nichols & Kenya Bell definitely signed up for the right show. Kenya seems to fit right on in with all the drama. What’s up with Evelyn’s assistant slapping Jennifer. Her light always did turn on a lil slower than others BUT DAMN! What’s up with Evelyn’s anger this season? Being engaged is supposed to be the happiest time of your life. Is Chad not sticking it to her like he supposed to? You didn’t hear that from me cause I ain’t one to gossip… but somebody told me Chad was going out to eat with random men on twitter…

Kid Fury sips from mug of tea GIF

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