MUST SEE: Church Leader Spreading HIV/AIDS in Atlanta?

Craig Lamar Davis, an ordained minister and the former Armor Barrier to Bishop Steven Hall at State Bishop of Georgia for Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, has been charged with “HIV Wreckless Behavior” after a woman he met on Facebook filed charges against him.

According to Ronita McAfee‘s recollection of events to ObnoxiousTV, she started sexing the married minister back in May after meeting him at a foreclosed house and having sex on an air mattress.  After a month and a half of doing the nasty with no condom and swallowing his babies, all of a sudden things changed.

At the time Craig was of the position they were sinning and should not have sex because he was still a married man and was not sure what was going to become of his marriage. During continued talks and pressuring him for details that she would eventually get him to tell her the truth or at least practically the truth. Craig called Ronita and informed her that one of his ex-girlfriends that he had not had sex with since October or November of 2011 called him and said she tested positive for HIV and that she should call her doctor and that if she is positive it is not a death sentence. He also suggested some over the counter drugs she could take so that she would not get infected. Needless to say Ronita went off! Later she called him back to apologize and still thinking that she could have a relationship with him and that it had been close to six months and that it would show up by not if he had it. The two of them had a physical fight on July 22 because she went to see him and he wanted to have sex, but she would not allow it on no uncertain terms. After learning that the vacant house Craig had been staying in had been foreclosed on and his continued evasive behavior and not wanting to get tested nor share with her the results of his test Ronita was clear Craig was positive and she filed a police report and took out a warrant for his arrest.


Ronita MaAfee made history as the first person to file charges against someone for HIV Reckless behavior in Clayton County. While working diligently with Clayton County detectives she was asked if she has also filed against him in Fulton County, but it was another woman that had fallen victim to Craig’s charming ways. In fact the female that would prefer to not be mentioned was in a leadership position at the same church where Craig was a member. She was a leader in Bishop Steven Hall ministry and Craig was his head armor barrier, after having said to been celibate for 15 years and contracted HIV from Craig. When the victim shared her situation with her pastor, Bishop Steven Hall, he decided to remove her from her leadership position and asked Craig to leave his church.

Craig has admitted to being HIV positive and is currently out of jail on $30,000 bail.

When asked for a response to the situation Craig yelled to ObnoxiousTV, “I have never f*ucked no boys. Be sure to say that any man that comes to court or claims I infected them with HIV is a damn lie and I will see about them.”


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