MUST SEE: Gays Nationwide Are Pulling a BIG Stunt Today [VIDEO]

I sure hate it for people working at blood donation centers today (July 12). Gay rights activist and producer of the documentary ‘Second Class Citizens’ Ryan James Yezak has asked the gays nationwide to storm the places that save over 5 million lives a year and try to give a donation. Of course, it won’t be accepted because we are homosexuals… although every two seconds someone in America needs blood. This video gives a better explanation:

[video link]

The Food & Drug Administration banned men who have sex with men from donating blood in 1977 after early fears gay men were spreading HIV. Well, all these years later my Google search shows countless people are still being infected with the best of testing and policing in place, proving another point in Yezak’s documentary. Gays are being denied for no valid reason. Watch Ryan’s call to action below:

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