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MUST SEE: Lady Gaga's video 'Born This Way'

Lady Gaga

MUST SEE: Lady Gaga's video 'Born This Way'

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Pop icon (with only 1.5 albums) Lady Gaga is back as Mother Monster and creating her own species in the visual for her single “Born This Way.” 

WHAAAAT? Lady Gaga…for real? Your idea of birthing a nation of people with no prejudice is definitely commendable. But, must you birth your babies on camera like that…FOR REAL? And, with the way she was pulling her crotch and all the ass shots, I’m surprised YouTube does not require an age verification like on Rihanna’s “S&M” video. Double standards much??

I adored that dead person/skull make up for the evil people. And, Gaga’s swag in that pantsuit puts most of the men iKnow to shame. Laurie Ann Gibson’s choreography slayed…iHope she got paid well for that. Of course, the ending leaves us all confused…and the 7 minute video could have been 4 minutes. But, I’m pleased overall.

Do you like Lady Gaga’s video??

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