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MUST SEE: ‘Scandal’ Season 4 Spoilers!


MUST SEE: ‘Scandal’ Season 4 Spoilers!

Oh, Shonda Rhimes how we live for thee! The ‘Scandal‘ creator confirms Harrison’s death, how Olivia will live in her new home, and why Abby is going to be sad as f*ck next season.

Here’s an excerpt of her interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

How will Harrison’s absence be addressed?
His absence will be explained definitively. What you think happened to his character happened to his character.

Who will be most impacted by his death?
Olivia, really, but all the Gladiators are. It will be very devastating for Abby in a surprising way. You’ll see how she’s coping with it in a very different way than you would expect.

In what ways will the core characters be affected by Olivia getting on that plane? That’s a pretty big betrayal. Everyone has been betrayed, and the family has been blown apart. I love the idea that Liv really felt by getting on the plane she was doing what was best for everybody. She’s been tricked in a horrible way, and she’s very possibly completely wrong. What has happened to Harrison happened. What she discovers about that is going to be very bad. The betrayals are very bad, and how those betrayals change everyone is going to be permanent. Those changes will be permanent, and how she deals with that is going to be permanent. The world we are coming back to will be forever changed and forever different, and that is going to be very interesting. We’re really excited. I can’t wait for the first table read. Kerry keeps calling me and going, “What’s happening?” scandal-season-4-promo_RONALDMATTERS Fitz has been re-elected for a second term. Structurally, do you look at it as how to stretch out his four years in office? Do you already know how it ends? I’m not worried about that at all. I’ve already decided when Scandal is ending. I think there’s only so much Scandal you can tell satisfactorily. The Fitz-Liv thing can only be told so long and in such a way. It’s not a 10-season or eight-season show. I’ve already decided how long that is and what that’s going to be. I’m not really worried about that.

Does the end of his term mean the end of the series? Because it would be really interesting to follow him after he leaves the White House. It would be interesting. But I’ve given myself a parameter of what that is, and whether or not that means we end up deciding to stretch or shrink his presidency based on that remains to be seen.

Sally has lost the election, and there’s a new VP. Will Kate Burton be back? What about Paul Adelstein? Right now, I don’t know what it means for Sally. We know what it means down the line for Sally in the near future. I know what it means for Ellis Grey’s past in the near future.

Would you watch’Scandal’ with Fitz out of the White House?

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