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MUST SEE: Why Brandy frowning like this?


MUST SEE: Why Brandy frowning like this?

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In a recent interview with Rumor Fix the ‘Never Say Never’ singer does a frown so ugly it kind of resembled Lil Kim’s face when PayPal denied her most albums sold certification… it was a sad, sad day.

Brandy confesses:

I dont need to be anywhere NEAR reality tv! I’m definitely gonna document the process of doing an album; but, I’m not wild enough for reality. I’m just NOT.

I’m glad Brandy is finally ready to get back to the music. If #BrandysLacefront became a trending topic ONE more got d*** time I was gone fly out to L.A. and fix Brandy’s wig MYSELF!

What you think of Brandy’s decision?

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