Will Williams Exclusive Interview with Funky Dineva About #InfernoDR

Today’s phrase that pays is “hundreds of thousands of dollars”. Remember that.

Since August 28th at 3 p.m. (central time) when the painful e-mail was sent by Inferno Dominican Republic staff that the international event scheduled to kick off the next day was cancelled, everyone has been asking where is Will Williams. Today, in an exclusive e-mail interview with blogger Funky Dineva, Will responds as much as his legal team allows about how the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” has disappeared, where’s he’s NOT been hiding, and how his company will recover from this travesty.

Here’s an excerpt:

Can you give a detailed account of what ultimately happen that led to the cancellation of Inferno DR 2013

In a nutshell, the Melia decided at the very last minute that they would not move forward with Inferno DR even though the hotel had been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in advance by our team. On the advice of my legal counsel, that’s about all that I can say at this point.

With the hotel reporting the necessary payments needed had not been secured some time ago, why did the cancellation notice come at the 11th hour?

Until the 11th hour, we continued to work on an addendum to hash out contractual issues. With a 5-year history with this resort, I felt confident that we would be able to move forward. As a normal part of doing business, disputes and issues arise during contract negotiations. This has happened in previous years, with each side, Inferno DR and the Melia, taking exception with certain items raised in negotiations. However, in previous years we were always able to come to a formal agreement prior to the event. It was not until the hotel began charging guests that arrived early that I realized the situation was beyond resolution.

What happened to the monies you collected?

Inferno Dominican Republic has made significant payments to the hotel. The notion that the hotel continued to host Inferno DR by providing discounted rooms, transfers to and from the resort, excursions, a pool party, a beach party, a white party and a pajama party out of the goodness of the hearts from their rainy day fund for Black LGBT travelers is simply not true and is borderline ridiculous. Again, my legal team is gathering information as to what the hotel offered and whether they continued with events for which they were paid.

Where were you?

Before, during, and after the cancellation, the Inferno Dominican Republic team and I were at the company offices in Miami first trying to avert the crisis, then trying to manage it and we are still here trying to resolve it. Any rumors that I was anywhere but in our office are false and misleading.

From a public relations standpoint, if you could have done anything differently, what would it have been?

If I could have done it over again, I would have not continued to haggle with the hotel until the last minute and sent out the cancellation notices sooner. I understand that part of the anger of many of our patrons is that they had no time to make alternate arrangements for their Labor Day weekend.

While the Inferno DR team was still deciding if we really needed to unpack our bags, the hotel did a superb job of getting their messaging out. They sent out emails confirming the Inferno DR event schedule and apparently set up a hotline in English to explain how they had received not a dime from Inferno DR in the past twelve months and that they were moving forward with hosting Inferno DR out of the kindness of their hearts. They got their story out firstly and quickly, albeit a false one. I just didn’t think that anyone would believe it. Clearly, I was wrong.

Also going forward, the Inferno team will work hand in hand with a reputable and experienced PR firm to ensure that our message is clear, quick and concise. Our supporters deserve nothing less that to be informed and kept in the loop regularly.

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In all of what Will said, and trust me there’s lots more to read when you click the link, not even Will can discuss if he has been refunded the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” he allegedly paid to the hotel. All in all I guess we should appreciate that Will is no longer a mute. Now, if only we can find these “hundreds of thousands of dollars” so people can get their rations. I have faith the full truth shall be revealed eventually and in the end after the fat lady sings, justice will be served.

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