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Mya Explains those RANDOM Japan-Only Albums.


Mya Explains those RANDOM Japan-Only Albums.

Mya 2011 promo

I know I’m not the only person who was wondering why Mya started releasing music only to Japan a few years ago. But, I’m glad she is finally able to tell us what happened. Mya released the deluxe edition of ‘K.I.S.S’. yesterday on U.S. iTunes and in a promo interview with, she tells us why the original edition was only released in Japan:

Mya began catering to [Japan] in 2007 after a mishap with the release of her much-delayed fourth album. “‘Liberation’ was actually leaked, or released in Japan without my knowledge,” she says. “When they changed the release date, there was one territory where they forgot to pull it back from and that was Japan. So Japan had the album digitally, and then from there it leaked.” Instead of spending a year and “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in court suing her record label, Motown/Universal, she opted out of her contract and started her own independent label, Planet 9. The album was not released anywhere else. “From there, Japan asked me to do more albums because they loved ‘Liberation,'” Mya tells The Juice. She released “Sugar & Spice” (2008) and “K.I.S.S.” (last April), all solely in Japan.

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Liberation was an amazing R&B album. “Lights Go Off,’ “Ridin,” and “Switch It Up” still go hard on my iPod any day of the week. I’m sad her label screwed her and messed up her image here in the United States market. Mya has got to rebuild her fan base with some good music and strong live performances. I think Mya can do it. But do you think people are still checking for Mya? Hmm…

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