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NEW GAY MOVIE: "The Skinny"


NEW GAY MOVIE: "The Skinny"

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“Imagine all the d*** he must have gotten up here in Harlem.”
Langston Hughes having sex is something I’ve never really thought about. But, yeah…I’m sure he got it in often LOL!

Patrik Ian Polk, the creator of Noah’s Arc, is back with a new feature film, ‘The Skinny.’ The movie focuses on 5 college buddies reuniting in New York for a weekend of fun. And you know how it is with us gays… Watch the trailer below:

Immediately we all start the ‘well, it ain’t no Noah’s Arc‘ rant. But, it’s time to move on people. We’ve got 5 new characters to fall in love with; and, I’m proud to see a black gay man doing his thing. Plus, from the trailer it looks like all the Noah’s Arc characters will be making cameos, too! *twirls* Make sure you support the film when it hits theaters soon!

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1 Comment

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