NEW GAY SERIES: The Chadwick Journals.

The Chadwick Journals - Donavan screen shot

“I’m being sincere… I wanna f*** you,” Donovan says. “You a pretty a** nigga. Anybody ever tell you that?” But, Donovan soon finds out the money he’ll be receiving for this session comes with conditions beyond sex.

While the directors of The DL Chronicles are still preparing the show’s return for next year, they have launched The Chadwick Journals to hold us over. In this online series we see Chadwick Williams, the main character, is writing a book about the men he has met over the years and including excerpts from down low men he plans to interview. There’s only two episodes so far. But this is just too good to keep to myself!

Watch below and tell me what you think!

Episode 1
Episode 2
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