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NEW MUSIC: Brandy raps on "Whenever You Like."


NEW MUSIC: Brandy raps on "Whenever You Like."

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Timbaland [feat. Brandy] – “Whenever You Like”

“You got me jumpin’ like bungee, I’m askin’ how high. Sweet as mom’s potato pie ’cause you’s a fly guy” –Brandy

COME ON BRANDY!! I’m excited to finally hear Brandy’s alter ego Bran’Nu make an appearance on a track. It sounds like she actually listened to a few rap tracks for inspiration and committed herself 100% to her new venture, unlike some other people (see Kim Kardashian). Oh, but don’t get it twisted. All of Timbaland’s “Timbo Thursdays” releases have pretty much been trash so far. But, Brandy’s verse on this track is just ONE shining moment worth recognition.

Do we like Brandy’s alter ego Bran’Nu?

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