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NEW MUSIC: Usher – 'Scream'


NEW MUSIC: Usher – 'Scream'

Soon as we get Trey Songz to calm down with the pompous sex references Usher comes along and decides he wants to make you scream ‘ooh baby baby.’ In addition to getting his new muscles together Ursh is preparing to slay the scene with a new album ‘Looking for Myself‘ in June.

sidebar: I scream expletives like ‘SH*T! F*CK! D*MN‘ when it’s really good, in case you care.

Will this be another slow jam like ‘Climax?’ Let’s find out:


A solid production. Is ‘Scream‘ anything innovative that hasn’t been done before though? No. Give me a few drinks I’ll dance to it anyway.

Your Thoughts?

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