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NEW MUSIC: 'Won't Find Me'


NEW MUSIC: 'Won't Find Me'

Tiffany Evans Wont Find Me cover

I was excited to see the email in my box this morning from Tiffany Evan’s team. Following the sneek peek from her amazing photo shoot I just knew the music would deliver, too. This weekend ‘Won’t Find Me‘ premiered, a single from her upcoming mixtape. The song reminds me of a Monica record – a sample from the past but still current enough for the younger generation. The Mary J. Blige sample is epic.

But, before I sound like a complete stan… I do despise the ending where the high notes seemed to be a recording from when she was in the studio instead of just playing the studio quality. Blah blah blah. Enough babbling. Check out the song for yourself:
[listen link]

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