NEW SONG: Trey Songz – 'Heart Attack'

Trey Songz, who sang about sex and being in love on his last album, is dealing with a broken heart on his new single ‘Heart Attack.’ His first showing from new album ‘Chapter V‘ shows promise of him keeping his word to explore a more mature Trey.

“It’s killing me, swear I’ve never cried so much/ ‘Cause I never knew love would hurt this fucking bad/ Worst pain that I ever had,” he sings over the Rico Love production.

I don’t know about this song just yet. It’s not an instant hit like many of his previous releases. But, radio seems to love ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love‘ and that song bores me, too. While I make up my mind… tell me what you think.

HOT OR NOT: Trey Songz new single ‘Heart Attack?’

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