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NEWS: Gay teen murdered, straight student 'snapped'

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NEWS: Gay teen murdered, straight student 'snapped'

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A teen who gunned down a gay classmate in school should be convicted of murder because he rode a tidal wave of hatred and sought revenge after the victim offended him by simply saying, “What’s up baby?,” a prosecutor said Thursday.

Calling the shooting of 15-year-old Larry King a “shocking and unforgettable murder,” Ventura County Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox implored jurors to find Brandon McInerney guilty of first-degree murder, the severest penalty he faces.

Using McInerney’s own words via an interview with a psychologist, Fox said during closing arguments that the teen became enraged after Larry passed him in the hallway in February 2008 and made what he believed was the ultimate insult.

McInerney, then 14, made a conscious decision to kill King the next day, telling a friend he planned to shoot his classmate, she said. He hid a gun in his backpack and brought it to E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, where he shot King twice in the back of the head, a “cold-blooded execution,” the prosecutor said.

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And, to add more salt in this sea of shit, another student said he was doing everybody a favor by killing the gay boy because nobody liked him anyway. WHAT THE HELL? If only iHad a bullet for every straight person who pissed me off! And, you know what my defense would be…


It’ll be a “Man Down” situation every other minute of the damn day.

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