NO GAY PEOPLE in One Mississippi County Claims the U.S. Census, CNN Investigates [VIDEO]

The conservative and self-righteous stay trying it! Columnist John D. Sutter convinced CNN to pay him to ride out to the southwest part of Mississippi to investigate the stunt they reported to the government about there being no same-sex couples in their county. What did John find on his trip there… two gay couples and six gay people!

“Some things you don’t talk about around here,” says Joseph. He didn’t say too much other than he’s scared to openly date in Franklin County because he fears another kidnapping and murder will happen like the one highly publicized in their county from 2007 where a Ku Klux Klan member killed two black men.

Another one of the county’s 8,000 residents, Kristyn Lovett, didn’t even know there were other gay people in her family until CNN came in and started spilling tea. Mom responded, “Two out of a million [relatives]?! I never thought about it.”

Oh girl! Somebody grab the Life Alert because this lady needs to get hers in order ASAP! Watch columnist John Sutter reveal all the lies in Franklin County below.

[video link]

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