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ON BLAST: Atlanta Promoters vs Milan Christopher

Gay Issues/Rights

ON BLAST: Atlanta Promoters vs Milan Christopher

Is he just mad his gay story line on ‘Love and Hip Hop‘ didn’t get him booked OR does he have a valid point?

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The former reality star roasted the “lazy greedy” promoters and accuse them of “booking cheap locals that you can see at The mall”. Whoa!

via Facebook:

I heard Atl pride was extremely Light this past weekend.. And in all honestly most prides are in decline around the country. But this is the result of several factors amongst the black gay community. #1 is lazy greedy promoters. Promoters who don’t want to give anything back but expect a huge return. For instance booking cheap locals that you can see at The mall every Sunday as celebrity guest, watering down the Liqour but over charging every cup, no promotions but on Facebook & Instagram from their ragga muffin crew, hiring the same tired dj and the same annoying ass Mc yelling on the mic all night. Then 10 promoters pop up and all want to throw parties on the same day and time.. The only thing they want to do is provide a venue and then want to charge $40/$60 at the door.. like you have to be kidding me. Most patrons at this point can simply open a gay app on their phones and poor them a glass of Liqour they bought for $10 at the local market & save themselves $100 or more if they want to meet new people and dates. I come from an era where every week the clubs offered atmosphere, themes, changing of djs, brought in hot guys from around the country, had contest, gave you an escape from everyday reality. I don’t know wtf these wack ass promoters are doing these days but these guys are ruining the scene in its entirety and need to get their shit together..

With promoters and attendees both not feeling the love…

How do we fix this?

Comment below.

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