ON BLAST: Atlanta Promoters vs Milan Christopher

Is he just mad his gay story line on ‘Love and Hip Hop‘ didn’t get him booked OR does he have a valid point?

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The former reality star roasted the “lazy greedy” promoters and accuse them of “booking cheap locals that you can see at The mall”. Whoa!

via Facebook:

I heard Atl pride was extremely Light this past weekend.. And in all honestly most prides are in decline around the country. But this is the result of several factors amongst the black gay community. #1 is lazy greedy promoters. Promoters who don’t want to give anything back but expect a huge return. For instance booking cheap locals that you can see at The mall every Sunday as celebrity guest, watering down the Liqour but over charging every cup, no promotions but on Facebook & Instagram from their ragga muffin crew, hiring the same tired dj and the same annoying ass Mc yelling on the mic all night. Then 10 promoters pop up and all want to throw parties on the same day and time.. The only thing they want to do is provide a venue and then want to charge $40/$60 at the door.. like you have to be kidding me. Most patrons at this point can simply open a gay app on their phones and poor them a glass of Liqour they bought for $10 at the local market & save themselves $100 or more if they want to meet new people and dates. I come from an era where every week the clubs offered atmosphere, themes, changing of djs, brought in hot guys from around the country, had contest, gave you an escape from everyday reality. I don’t know wtf these wack ass promoters are doing these days but these guys are ruining the scene in its entirety and need to get their shit together..

With promoters and attendees both not feeling the love…

How do we fix this?

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  • James
    16 Jan 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    I agree with him all the way

  • Walter Craft
    17 Jan 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    Totally agree….?%

  • Tony
    17 Jan 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    First, get over yourself Milan. None of us want to see your arrogant ass as the booked talent (if you can call that failed reality show relationship talent). Plus, you are one of those people we have seen everywhere, walking balls, sex tapes, ranting on videos or just at Pride events being a self-absorbed reject. Secondly, MLK weekend is not Black Pride for the city of Atlanta, that would be Labor Day weekend. I really wish you, the media and some of the misinformed promoters would learn some history and get your facts straight. Next, I personally attended multiple events during this past weekend which were very well attended. In fact, this is the first MLK weekend that I can say was equal to if not better than Black Pride (Labor Day weekend). I would also like to compliment Rockstar Productions on having good venues and satisfactory VIP service. This was my first time purchasing a VIP pass that was worth it’s salt, especially the huge VIP area at Freight Depot that was right in front a the stage. I will admit that an A list performer for that party would have been amazing. The people complaining about the cost of admission have been to enough events to know that passes are offered. My pass was $99 for 5 events, plus VIP access at each night club. If they choose to not purchase a pass then they are going to pay $40-60 for VIP/express entrance at each club. General admission was no more than $20-30 at each Rockstar event. Oh well, they should learn to travel and party smarter. Again, it was an amazing weekend. Lastly, it is sad to see you make this weekend all about you when none of missed you or wanted you there. I really hope you get better at your older age.

    Delightfully satisfied

  • Donte Grant
    21 Jan 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    I know some wish this was true however this is 209% fails someone is trying to get a buzz lol lol.
    This past weekend I attended Fab5atl and My ATL production events Friday Club Rain was crazy, Saturday Freight Depot was Crazy it had to be over 1500 people there and Sunday Rush was stupid packed so this is a lie. I wasn’t going to attend this year but Fab5 gave me a great group rate for me and my 9 friends. The whole weekend was crazy I was there and seen it with my own was my 4th year attending. So maybe the events they went to was not so great. 🙁

  • Romeo Michael
    21 Jan 2017 | Permalink | Reply

    I am a promoter in ATL everyone is entitled to their own opinions however MLK weekend was Great for me!!! I responded to this post on my Instagram @ Romichaelworld1

    Milan got body for days I wish I could get mine like that.

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