[UPDATED] RuPaul's Drag Race Fan Shares HORRIBLE Sharon 'RUDE B!TCH!' Needles Encounter

Last night in New York City at former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Carmen Carrera’s birthday bash, a fan of this year’s final three contestant Sharon Needles is reporting a not-so-good encounter on her Facebook. I’ll just exclude the part about this is why uber-professional Chad Michaels is my choice to take the crown.

Read more about about the Sharon Needles debacle at Club Escuelita below:

Everybody comes out to take pics and Miss Needles walks through like she’s Satans gift to earth!!! We all say can we get a pix she’s like ignoring the whole night! So I go outside because she’s smoking a cig! She’s going and on about how she hates being a celebrity because everybody wants a pic! So I say why won’t you take a pic with your fans and talk to us and she say ‘… Because memories are best told than taking a pic’ so we all looking at her dumbfounded like wtf!! So she walks off blows smoke and our face and say ‘ok I’m out life is so hard being a celebrity’ and I yell to her you a rude bitch !!

She the only person I really wanted to see tonight !! And after talking to most of the club she the reason a lot of people here and she won’t even say hey fans I love you!!! That’s just wrong how she treating us her fans !! Who made her famous [source]

This is such a travesty considering Sharon Needles is a fan favorite as the contendor to carry on RuPaul’s legacy. It’s also a travesty that she has such high self-esteem considering her lips are more overdrawn than her bank account and every week she walks a runway like her one good hip is taking it’s last stroll.

Your Thoughts?


Here’s a video of Sharon Needles devouring a $20 bill a fan gave her and fan photos from the event with last year’s winner Raja Gemini and birthday girl Carmen Carrera!

Raja Gemini poses for a photo with a fan at Carmen Carerra's Birthday Bash at Club Escuelita in New York City.

Carmen Carrera poses for a photo with a fan at her birthday bash at Club Escuelita in New York City.

Thanks Char for the pics/video! Carmen looks like a biological woman these days.