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Our Least Favorite QUEEN Ray J is Still Pressed Over That Kardashian Cooch


Our Least Favorite QUEEN Ray J is Still Pressed Over That Kardashian Cooch

I am so sick of this girl Ray J she is doing the most. Ray J has been pressed for years over Kim Kardashian‘s rise to fame from their sex tape together. Today Ray J released the cover of his new single  “I Hit It First” and the photo is pixilated but in another photo we can tell that it’s Kim Kardashian’s body.

I really wish Ray J would sit down and shut the hell up because he is not relevant to anyone but his mother. Now it is true that Kim became famous from the sex tape, but apparently Ray J feels as if Kim owes him something for her fame. Yes people knew who Ray J was, but he was never a major star to begin with in the first place. For years Ray J has been throwing shots at Kim saying, “I made her famous she wouldn’t be nothing without me” and blase blase. If he really wanna talk about making someone famous he should back track and look at who made him famous. No one would know who he was if it wasn’t for is wonderfully talented sister.

Since the sex tape Ray J hasn’t shown us any reason of why he should maintain the least amount of relevance he had in the first place. Where are the numbers 1’s, where are the awards, where are the nominations, where are the endorsements, where is anything besides his name in the media. Yeah he may have made Kim famous, but she has been working her ass off to keep famous where as Ray J is only now relevant due to her. He needs to be thinking about the bit of career he has left and trying to keep it up rather than spending years of throwing shade at Kim.

Now that she is more famous than him, and now he is bashing her name to keep famous, ooops girl is you losing your few coins that you have in yo pocket. Ray J says he is a grown man, but all these years he had to prove it are not proof, 32 and still a BITCH NIGGA, OH ok.

Written By: Terrell Anderson

Props To Miss Jia

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