IT’S OFFICIAL! Gay Series ‘Tha Life’ Announces A New City

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Dr. George Smith is revolutionizing Black, gay men in the media. No matter how you feel about him personally, his series ‘Tha Life: Atlanta’ is thrusting eyes of all kinds onto our people and showing them we deserve a place on the screen, too.
Now that ‘Tha Life’ has conquered Atlanta Dr. Smith is ready to move on to another city. Which city has been chosen? Find out below.

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#TheAaliyahStory is Casted, Actress Speaks Out About Not Getting the Role


A woman scorned is nothing to be toyed with! Tristin Mays, who I didn’t know starred as Nala in The Lion King on Broadway among other television spots including Everybody Hates Chris, spoke out on Instagram about not getting the lead role according to gossip blog Rhymes with Snitch.

Seems like ol’ girl was emotionally attached and even cursed a few people out if this oh-so-politically correct caption tells the story right. Could Vh1 be putting together another nice tv film like they did with TLC?

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Michelle Williams [feat. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland] – ‘Say Yes’

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A DC3 reunion was rumored a few weeks ago after dancers posted on social media they were filming a video with all three ladies on the same set. Well, turns out Beyonce, Michelle, Kelly AND Solange were all filming a new single from Michelle’s upcoming album.

Dig into ‘Say Yes’ below:

[audio link]

We like it, right? I’m anxious to see how this video turns out. Last week Michelle released a visual for her current single ‘Fire’ and it’s pretty good, too.

[video link]
Props to Love B. Scott for the track!

Gays, It’s Fleet Week! *giggles*

Servicemen is taking on a whole new meaning.

Monday started Fleet Week for the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard where active military ships dock in major cities to give crews some off time. So, if you’ve ever wanted a fling with a soldier… get it in now!

Also as gays prepare to conquer Miami and Washington, D.C. for Memorial Day Weekend, here’s a few tips – including the importance of using fleet – to get ready for your twirling festivities.

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Stripper Movie Starring Michael Jai White & Tyson Beckford Coming Soon!

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They say ‘with Black, middle-aged females in mind’ they want to take off their clothes and gyrate to sexy music… and I DON’T MIND!

My dream man – who is also following me on Twitter – Michael Jai White and Tyson Beckford are set to star in a tear-jerking stripper film called ‘Chocolate City’ dropping Summer 2015.

Deadline reports:
Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White and model-turned-actor Tyson Beckford are in negotiations to star in the tale of Devin, a college student struggling to make ends meet who meets the owner of a male strip club (White) who convinces him to give amateur night a whirl. Beckford will play Adrian, the club’s former star attraction who finds his popularity fading as the new kid starts to steal the spotlight.

Excuse me while I stare at Michael Jai shirtless until filming starts in June.

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