Rihanna's Songwriter Describes The Sound For Her Next Album

Are you ready for some “stadium music?”

Claude Kelly said in a recent interview that after seeing Rihanna perform for crowds of 40,000 people in stadiums and arenas, it’s time for some changes.

While I wish the changes were more in regard to vocals… I will keep that shade to myself. Claude has worked with some big names for Rihanna’s next project. Listen below for the scoop.

Basketball Wives: LA – Draya & Jackie Christie Talk About the New Season

Can the Basketball Wives franchise be revived?

After all the scrapping and yaki pulling from both versions of the series, Shaunie O’Neal has decided no more violence.

“It’s much nicer,” Draya Michele tells Hip Hollywood. “We’re just working on being grown ups and supporting each other and that makes a much better show.”

In the video below, Jackie Christie and Draya talk about the new season. Their new addition “Bambi” also drops her two cents.

Bambi isn’t the most attractive woman on the block, in my opinion. Her name, and that attitude, needs to go.

Your Thoughts?

Elle Varner Talks Tour + Describes 'I Don't Care' Video on Kempire Radio

My favorite song is the next single!

In Elle Varner‘s 20+ minute interview with Kempire Radio, the R&B belle talked about everything from creative control over her debut album ‘Perfectly Imperfect‘, hearing herself on the radio for the first time, touring in Europe this fall, and the upcoming video for her third single ‘I Don’t Care.’

She said soooo much I couldn’t even start to type out all of what she said. Forward to the 8:00 mark for the details!

From what I hear, Elle is performing in Atlanta during Labor Day Weekend. Make sure you check that out!

MUST SEE: Church Leader Spreading HIV/AIDS in Atlanta?

Craig Lamar Davis, an ordained minister and the former Armor Barrier to Bishop Steven Hall at State Bishop of Georgia for Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, has been charged with “HIV Wreckless Behavior” after a woman he met on Facebook filed charges against him.

According to Ronita McAfee‘s recollection of events to ObnoxiousTV, she started sexing the married minister back in May after meeting him at a foreclosed house and having sex on an air mattress.  After a month and a half of doing the nasty with no condom and swallowing his babies, all of a sudden things changed. Continue Reading

How Old Is Karlie Redd's Daughter & Who is the Child's Father?

This woman has lied about so much – having talent, being associated with Cash Money Records, the content on her Wikipedia page. GWORL.

Anyway y’all been tweeting me, messaging me on Facebook, and harrassing my phone about Karlie Redd and her business.

Here’s the tea from #LHHATL fansite:

[Karlie] says she remained hush hush about being a mother in order to protect her daughter from being associated with the show or being teased at school. Turns out that school isn’t an elementary school or high school…it’s a college.
Eric Norwood of the Carolina Panther’s offered his two cents on the situation by tweeting Karlie Redd’s daughter attends Clark Atlanta University.

Whether or not this information is accurate has yet to be determined. But, another interesting piece of information that was spilled into the internet streets is Katt Williams is the father of Karlie Redd’s daughter.

Will Karlie Redd ever admit any of this…probably not. And, why is Eric Norwood important? I have no clue. But, that’s the tea in the streets about Karlie Redd’s daughter and the alleged father. This is Ronald Matters signing off!

Your Thoughts?

Mona Scott-Young Covers 'Amour Creole' + Talks Her Fave TV Shows & New Missy Music

Haitian American? Okay then sis!

Love & Hip Hop’ franchise producer Mona Scott-Young hair is laid like Shirley Temple on the Fall 2012 cover of Amour Creole Magazine.

In the behind-the-scenes clip below Mona dishes about managing clients – including Missy Elliott who returned back home to Virginia to make her new album. Plus, Mona reveals which tv shows she likes to watch. Surprisingly, her faves don’t include any reality tv.

Your Thoughts?

Stevie J Says Joseline LOVES Anal, Threesomes & Gives Relationship Advice

This man needs his right to be a man revoked. That’s all I have to say on that.

During a recent interview to promoting Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta “hitman” Stevie J gets to yappin’ and yappin’ … and yappin’ some more.

I wish I felt like transcribing everything he said but I don’t. Watch the interview.

Spotted at Miss Jia!