VIDEO PREMIERE: Trina Braxton – 'Party or Go Home'

It’s finally that time!

After Trina Braxton gave us a club anthem to bring in the Spring/Summer season she disappeared off the scene. But after re-surfacing and taking us through the process of creating the video on ‘Braxton Family Values’ here is the final product.

Did Trina ever find the money for the extra editing tips Toni and Tamar recommended? Let’s see! Continue Reading

Trans Woman Denied Name Change, Judge Says 'God Meant For Her To Be A Man'

Again I ask where is the separation between church and state y’all been telling me about?

In a world where a professional football player can legally be renamed to “Ocho Cinco” and a basketball player can be renamed to “Metta World Peace,” why can’t James Dean Ingram – a male-to-female transgender – be renamed Angela Renee Ingram?

“I wanted to give up and just die,” James said, who was turned down on August 30th.

“It’s so important because it’s who I am. I can’t be who I am with a male name.”

“Soon as I was out of the courtroom I collapsed and started to cry … never before have I wanted more to kill myself.”

Last year the same judge denied 62-year old Charles Harvey the right to change his name to Christie Ann Harvey. Continue Reading

President Obama's Heartfelt "Don't Ask, Dont Tell" Repeal 1-Year Anniverary Statement

     “A year ago today, we upheld the fundamental American values of fairness and equality by finally and formally repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ Gay and lesbian Americans now no longer need to hide who they love in order to serve the country they love. It is a testament to the professionalism of our men and women in uniform that this change was implemented in an orderly manner, preserving unit cohesion, recruitment, retention and military effectiveness.

     As Commander in Chief, I’ve seen that our national security has been strengthened because we are no longer denied the skills and talents of those patriotic Americans who happen to be gay or lesbian. The ability of service members to be open and honest about their families and the people they love honors the integrity of the individuals who serve, strengthens the institutions they serve, and is one of the many reasons why our military remains the finest in the world.”

 –President Barack Obama

Congrats to all of America’s service men and women for not having to tolerate the foolishness attached to that tomfoolery anymore. In a country where you can be anything you want in life there’s no reason you can’t be openly gay. And this post may not be the right place to ask, but, where are the equal benefits the partners and families of our servicemen and women deserve? Let’s get that together next!

Your Thoughts?


Destiny's Child's "New" Album Confirmed by Billboard + Beyonce Hitting the Stage in November!

Beyonce and Alicia Keys still got us waiting for this  ‘Put It In A Love Song’ video. Footage from the set was amazing! But word on the curb is Bey outshined Alicia so … yeah.

Anyway, the two will join forces again for Alicia Keys’ annual ‘Black Ball’ that benefits her ‘Keep A Child Alive’ AIDS organization.

November 1st can’t get here fast enough!

In other news, Billboard confirmed Destiny’s Child’s “new” album titled ‘Playlist’ will be hitting the store shelves October 9th. Nope. No new music.

“The set will arrive on the 15-year anniversary of the band’s first No. 1 hit, “No, No, No Part 2.” “Playlist” will include that song as well as each of the group’s chart-toppers, including “Say My Name,” “Independent Women, Part 1″ and “Bootylicious.”

The 14-track album will also range from 1999 track “Bills, Bills, Bills’” to 2004 singles “Lose My Breath” and the T.I. and Lil Wayne-featuring “Soldier.”

Kelly Rowland kept denying Destiny’s Child-related releases would happen when Mathew Knowles said two albums and a tour was coming. Well, the score is now Mathew 1, Kelly 0.  Let’s hope Mathew keeps winning.

Your Thoughts?

Gays, Paris Hilton Says You're 'Disgusting' & 'You'll Probably Die of AIDS'

Paris Hilton is under fire for comments she made about gay men … claiming, “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world … they’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS.”

The comments were made during a Sept. 7 cab ride in NYC — and Hilton’s team claims the cab driver secretly recorded the audio while Paris was having a conversation with a gay friend.

During the conversation, a man can be heard bringing up Grindr — a popular social web site that gay men sometimes use to find sexual partners. Continue Reading

Momma Dee & Karlie Redd Have Something to Say!

Hip Hollywood caught up with Momma Dee and Karlie Redd from ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘ during the VMA’s a few weeks back and the two used the platform to make some very bold statements.

Karlie Redd is still yappin’ about her career… something about another new single nobody has heard of. Momma Dee, yeah, she’s still delusional too.

“If I didn’t [spell it wrong] they wouldn’t have talked about it!” Momma Dee says about her infamous spelling mishap on the show. “It’s all about the brand darling! The Queen must rule!” Momma also hinted that Lil Scrappy and Erica’s sickening engagement photoshoot may have been in vain. Continue Reading