Ciara STILL avoiding the studio…look at this foolishness.

Somebody OBVIOUSLY not scared of lions, tigers, and bears!! Which is why I’m even more mad that Ciara is not working things out with her label (or working on getting to a new one) and in somebody’s studio recording music! UUUGGGGHHH!!! I’m sick of seeing this heffar posted up, chillin’ at basketball games, leaving fancy boutiques, and all that other shit. Where the unauthorized snapshots of Ciara Princess Harris in a recording studio?! Where the shit at? Because after these last two albums flopped, iSay ole girl got a LOOOOOOOT to prove.

Your thoughts??

RuPaul's Drag Race [Season Finale] 9-minute preview!

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Raja fumbles tonight in the season 3 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Unexpected, yes? Well, I’m #TeamAlexis anyway so I’m not bothered. Get into the 9-minute preview below.

It’s so sad to see Raja stumble. Raja is my second pick to win it. I don’t why I don’t see Manila winning… She’s a FABULOUS queen; but, I just can’t see it.

Who do you think will take the crown tonight?

Ex-Destiny's Child Member — Arrested??

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I don’t see why people are referring to her as an “ex-Destiny’s Child Member” when all the bitch got was a damn callback from the interview! But anyway Farrah Franklin, one of the many girls who dreamed of singing back up for Beyoncé, got arrested this weekend.

According to TMZ she was booked in Culver City, California (wherever the fuck that is) at 6:45 am on Saturday and posted $100 bond a few hours later.

See, shit like this is why she got put out the group after only a few months.  Beyoncé (and Matthew) already knew this chick was not up to any good. After Farrah’s contract got terminated, she tried to be a model, actress, and a lotta other shit. They all failed…which is probably why she was out in public acting a fool.

What do you think?