Gays Talk Church & Homosexuality on ‘Tha Life: Atlanta’

“A lot of the men in the black church are gay, a lot of the gospel singers are gay. It’s apparent and obvious. I don’t understand why there’s no unity,” Tatum professes in episode four of ‘Tha Life: Atlanta’. The cast talks about their relationship with God, church, and how family influenced where they are today.

Dr. George Smith also invites the cast to Tabernacle Baptist Church where Pastor Dennis Meredith encourages members to ‘look through me not at me’. Will the cast be able to take in the message of the Lord in the same-gender loving church? Watch above and find out.

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Are Gay Men Into “Jelqing”? [VIDEO]

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“Milking” the penis for the greater good!

I was watching a documentary titled ‘Unhung Hero‘ and was most intrigued when the star met with jelqing expert Cristian Youngmiller. According to Cristian the wee wee is a muscle, and just like any of the others it needs to be flexed.

“[Jelqing is] based on the premise that you will create micro tears on the inside of your penis, sort of like you do with your muscles when you’re working out. You tear the inside of your muscles and they grow back bigger and stronger.”

Cristian says his piece grew almost two inches in about three months from the natural penis enlargement process. I was very impressed! After doing more research I noticed on many forums, including Mens Health Magazine, that a lot of people feel socially responsible to get their meat beyond the average 4.5-6 inches. Watch a clip of Cristian’s YouTube series on jelqing in the video below.

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Would you ever try jelqing?

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Gay Men, Here’s 9 HIV Prevention Articles You MUST Read


1. With a 92% success rate at blocking the virus, could Truvada be the gay once a day vitamin for gay men?

2. I hope so because this survey says gays on dating apps, Grindr in particular, lie about their HIV results or haven’t been tested at all.

3. Dear Gay Sexpert, Can I get HIV from giving head?

4. Twenty years? Luis Loures, a deputy executive director of UNAIDS, says a breakthrough is coming.

5. Should we all just date undetectable guys since this study says people who have it can’t give it to you?
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The “Gay Gene” is Proven in New Study


Two spots on the X chromosome makes about 40% of the decision if a person will be gay or straight according to a new study in the Washington Post:

Researchers at the Human Genome Project, an international scientific research group that examines human DNA, conducted a study on several pairs of gay brothers.

“Sexual orientation has nothing to do with choice,” Michael Bailey of Northwestern University, who carried out the research, said. “Our findings suggest there may be genes at play, and we found evidence for two sets that affect whether a man is gay or straight.”

The study drew blood from 409 gay brothers and their heterosexual family members. Analysis confirmed that an area on the X chromosome does, indeed, have some impact on sexual orientation. It also confirmed another stretch of DNA on chromosome 8, which affects male sexual behavior.

Do you think the findings are true?

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8 Gay Mens Summer Must Haves & Trans Surgery Now Covered by Medicare?

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Transgender people can now have their surgery with taxpayer dollars. Are you nervous? — Towleroad

They’re calling them the “Summer Style Essentials” so make sure you have them in your wardrobe. — The XD Experience

Here’s 5 Products every gay man should have in his vacation bag. — MUSED Magazine

Gay, wheelchair bound, and looking for love. It’s not easy! — Edugaytion

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